October Unpackaged: Discovering new trash-free meals

My October challenge has not been going as well as I would have hoped in some ways. A busy schedule, poor planning, and unexpected events has led to more takeout and disposable coffee cups than I would like. But at home, at least, we have been keeping trash to a minimum.

Fall dishes make it a little easier to avoid packaged foods. It’s a great time of year for stews, soups, chilis and other bean dishes.

I have been enjoying trying out new stuffed squash recipes. Spaghetti squash packed with chick peas, spinach, olives, and artichoke hearts, then topped with marinara. Acorn squash stuffed with barley and mushrooms. I have also discovered some fun new recipes, like falafel waffles.

I have also been finding ways to make staples in batches, doing one or two things per weekend that can be stored in the freezer: batches of beans, bread, tortillas, seitan, vegan sausages. This second time around focusing on it, it feels much more sustainable and like something I can keep up over time.

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