We’re on our own

I had a conversation a few weeks ago about someone who went on a trip to some Asian countries and returned feeling like nothing we can do on the individual level, like recycling or reducing household waste, really matters in the grand scheme of things. Looking at all the people still using plastic grocery bags and other single-use plastics every day can make me feel that way, too. But I don’t think that gives me a pass.

Today, the U.S. president declared that we don’t need to be a part of the global effort to end climate change. I happen to think a lot of my fellow Americans disagree. But this and other policy changes means we’re on our own.

If we want clean air and water, healthy ecosystems, and enough food to eat, if we want to maintain our great coastal cities, we have to take matters into our own hands. That means making the changes we can make in our own homes and habits, but also using our power as voters and consumers to ask our state and local elected officials and the business community to do what they can.

Despite the change in direction of federal policies, there is a lot we collectively can do to help keep our planet healthy and slow the pace of climate change.

For me, continuing to work at reducing my household’s waste and continuing to blog about it will be part of my efforts. I still feel far from zero waste, but I am continuing to learn and change habits.

What will you do?

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