Day 2: Eating on the go

I pack lunch for work as often as possible but sometimes, especially during this time of year, I am running around a lot for my job and it’s not practical to heat up a container of leftovers.

Today was one of those days. I intentionally picked a cafe where I knew they use real plates and silverware if you eat in. But, my sandwich came wrapped in paper with a toothpick and the salad dressing came in a disposable plastic cup. Best laid plans …

Here a few other approaches I am considering for the future:

  • Buy an insulated food jar to keep food hot for hours
  • Plan ahead for some lunches that don’t require a microwave when I make my next meal plan
  • If ordering food to go, pack a container and reusable utensil kit and ask for my food to be packed in my own container

That last one is recommended by several zero waste blogs that I looked at, and to be honest I personally have a hard time with the concept. There are a couple places I frequent where I think they would be OK with it, but as a general rule I try not to be an obnoxious customer or make people’s lives more difficult. I also wonder about health code rules on this. If I get brave enough to actually try this, I will report back.

Today’s trash log was still not so great: 1 facial cleansing pad (trash); 2 General Assembly visitor stickers (recycle); paper food wrapper, toothpick, and salad dressing cup (out of my control); 2 produce stickers (trash); plastic tray and wrap from portobello mushrooms (recycle). And my dentist would like it if I flossed today, so that will be one more small piece of trash.

Purchase: Coffee in a recyclable paper bag.

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